VEOHRC Review Update

All the submissions are now in, interviews are done and VEOHRC seems on track to deliver their recommendations as scheduled in November. The focus groups have been rescheduled as a result of the recent Covid lockdown and will commence shortly.

Unsurprisingly, and as highlighted through multiple workplace surveys, the key issues raised through submissions to VEOHRC are bullying, workplace culture, discrimination, flexible work arrangements and victimisation. We understand that the AV Executive Committee have recently been briefed on the key themes from the surveys and submissions – this will give them opportunity to prepare for the predictable recommendations.

We are sure these will include the historic reliance on internal mechanisms for resolution of issues, which has been problematic and has exacerbated issues of bullying and harassment. This was a key topic in the AEAV submission, and we hope to see recommendations that fundamentally change the approach that AV takes around resolution of issues. We look forward to hearing how things are tracking as we get closer to the release date for recommendations, and we hope that AV uses this opportunity proactively rather than waiting to be told how to respond.

Their track record to date has been disappointing, will we see the same old predictable patterns. Only time will tell.

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