MICA Selection & Internship Program

The AEAV will consult with members regarding the changes to MICA selection as detailed to staff on 3 August 2021. Consultation is open until 10 August. You can access the correspondence we received from AV detailing the program here and the correspondence sent from AV to operational staff here.

One major concern we have regarding the revised program is the inclusion of psychometric testing in the selection process. We have raised consistent concerns over AV’s use of psychometric testing for internal recruitment. The test has been used in the past few years in the recruitment processes for TM’s, STM’s, AM’s, CSO’s  and MICA TM’s. The flawed aspects of the process have led to AV backtracking on the outcomes of failed tests.

The test is used as a Pass/Fail criteria. The AEAV contends that this is an incorrect use of the test, despite AV claiming it is not used this way. AEAV members have experienced the reality of AV’s psychometric testing, which is that you progress through recruitment if you pass and you don’t if you fail. Many members have cited this as having destroyed their career aspirations and confidence.

In December 2019 we wrote to AV expressing our concerns more broadly re internal recruitment but specifically focusing on psychometric testing. You can read that letter here. The response from AV was less than inspiring and showed no understanding of the impact despite the obvious failures of the system and the fact that each time it was used it required intervention to make the process fairer. You can read AV’s response here.

Another significant issue, raised by recruitment experts, relates to the discriminatory nature of psychometric testing for those who have varied levels of English language. The AEAV believes that the way AV uses the test is discriminatory. We have already raised our concerns with VEOHRC and are gob-smacked by AV’s decision to continue down this path again whilst awaiting the outcomes of the VEOHRC review into discrimination (and other issues) within AV.

If you wish to contact us regarding the MICA selection changes or specifically regarding the use of psychometric testing then please email us at [email protected] or call on 9287 1713.

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