AEAV Bulletin – 14 July 2021



14 July 2021

On Friday Ambulance Victoria announced the appointment of a new Chief Operations Officer, Libby Murphy. I am cautiously optimistic that a new set of eyes within the Executive will be the jolt that AV needs to belatedly develop some insight on the effects that some of their management practices have had on the workforce. The outcome of the VEOHRC review and Libby Murphy’s operational experience with VicPol will hopefully see a more just, transparent, professional and consistent approach by the PCU.

Having been a police officer myself I am continually flabbergasted by the poor quality of PCU investigations and the lack of accountability. It is reprehensible that people with the power to force change, refused to hold AV to account, for reasons known only to them. Lives and careers of complainants and respondents have been destroyed and many staff have refused to even contact them, and yet there was barely a hint of objection. Soon I will be meeting with the new COO and will be making it clear that the AEAV will continue to hold AV to account when our members are poorly treated by Ambulance Victoria.

We at AEAV hope the appointment of Libby Murphy, along with the review by VEOHRC and a Union that is prepared to challenge AV (and won’t shirk the fight) will lead to an improved workplace for all AV employees.


Ambulance Victoria operational members have been reporting more and more that due to increasing utilisation rates they are having to perform unpaid work to keep on top of clinical training and safety updates. We know that fatigue and overwork is a key issue affecting members and working in your own time only exacerbates this. Years of neglect have brought us to this point. The AEAV is committed to challenging the current approach of achieving KPI’s at all costs. So, to have your say please complete our Work Intensity and Stress survey HERE.


Recent member stories regarding “welfare meetings” turning into interrogations means that it is a good time to review your rights around welfare meetings. Check out information about what can and can’t happen in a welfare meeting HERE.


The AEAV have proposed a bullying clause for inclusion in the next AVMA Agreement. We are hopeful that negotiations will be successful, and that this clause will fill the gap that currently exists around external review of bullying cases. Read more about the negotiations and the proposed clause HERE.


ESTA staff were entitled to a 2.5% pay rise from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2021. ESTA members should expect this to arrive in their pay this week. Check out our pay rise bulletin HERE.


All submissions have now been received for the review. Read more about the key issues coming out and the expected timeframes HERE.


ASOs in Communications were recently asked to sign another fixed-term contract, with no sign of much needed job security. Some of these fixed-term contracts had been extended 5 times with staff only being able to count on employment for a few months at a time. The AEAV have worked with these ASOs and have gained a commitment from Ambulance Victoria to convert these staff into permanent positions over the next 6 months.


Australian Unions are conducting research to benchmark real pay rates across all industries. Completing this survey will assist paramedics around Australia in their EBA negotiations, by comparing rates of pay for different Ambulance Services. When completing the survey, please remember that the AEAV is part of the United Workers Union (UWU). Do the survey HERE.


Here at the union office we have been working hard to update our website so that you have a one-stop access point to all of your member benefits. Want to get discounted gift cards for groceries? Cheaper travel? Income protection insurance? Discounted electronics? A free will? Scroll through the webpage and check out the benefits HERE.


With most health funds slugging you with fee increases above CPI, it’s a good time to shop around. Union Health Insurance is owned by unions, which means that instead of profits going to shareholders, you get a better deal. Union Health delivers a higher percentage of services than BUPA, NIB and Medibank, and is much cheaper. Do yourself a favour and check them out HERE.


A mum texts her son, “Hey Jimmy, what do IDK, LY and TTYL mean?” He texts back, “I don’t know, love you and talk to you later.” The mum replies, “It’s OK, don’t worry about it. I’ll ask your sister. Love you too.”



As always, if you have any issues, questions or queries, get in touch by leaving a message on 9287 1713 or email [email protected]

And most importantly, please stay safe out there.

Brett Adie – AEAV Secretary





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